Welcome to ScanVermont.com

ScanVermont is your on-line source for trusted data.

A little background on me. My name is Michael Martin. I worked 2 careers at the same time.
I spent 31 years (1972-2003) with AT&T, started as an overseas telephone operator and worked my way up
to a Process Engineer where I wrote the Methods & Procedures on the installation of
Private Line Fiber Optic circuits. My second career was my favorite. In 1980 I became an
EMT. 5 years later I worked my way to being a Cardiac Technician (Advanced
Life Support). In 2012, with a bad back from heavy stretcher lifting, I moved into being a
Dispatcher (International Association of Emergency Medical Dispatcher Certified) and work
that until I fully retired in 2018 and haven't looked back!

I was always fascinated with all kinds of communications since I was a child. My first "scanner" was
a all band dial tunable radio. At that time, it was the best you could get. Eventually I moved up to a
10 channel crystal controlled scanner and along the way I've ended up with quite a collection.
Today, I have all the latest and greatest scanners as well as commercial equipment.

Enough about me!

ScanVermont is a website that offers you data at your fingertips. All frequencies are direct from the
website of the FCC. If an agency is using frequencies they are not licensed on (aka bootlegging), you
will not find them listed here. On a weekly basis, all updates from the FCC are published to this site.

Data listed here (Channel names, tones, modes, etc) come directly from the public - users such as yourself!
ScanVermont is dependent on your input to keep this site current and accurate. If you have any
additions, corrections or deletions, please feel free to use the contact page to send this information.

ScanVermont, as you will see, has no advertising. I don't see the need to have the user having to
endure those annoying ads. I don't like them and I'm sure you don't. So as long as I can control
it, I wll keep them off of here unless budget constraints change.

ScanVermont has a 2 sister sites - GeorgiaScanner.com and ScanVermont.com GeorgiaScanner came to be after
a long run as ScanAtlanta.com from the 1980 when computers and the internet were coming into life. In the
future, I will be adding more states as time permits.

And with this, I will be looking for help. I would like to enlist volunteers to help gathering
information and putting it into usable formats (Currently, all data is in Excel format and uploaded to
the web using Microsoft Expressions and html editing). If you would like to help,
lease drop me a line on the contact page.